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  • BYOB is currently a FREE Service at Komchop

  • We reserve the right to put a charge at any time we dime fit

  • We must be notified before bringing in you drinks into the restaurant

  • We do not carry wine, champagne or beer glasses for your drinks.

  • We do not serve or touch any of the drinks/bottles you bring in weather opened or empty.

  • We require you to clear up every bottle/can you bring in when you are done

  • We supply all soft drinks including juices and water

  • All parties are expected to place an order of a dine-in meal at least

  • We are running a business, be conscious of how long you are blocking a table(s)

  • We have rights to refuse/reject anyone’s BYOB request

  • We require you to drink responsibly and avoid any unpleasing situation

  • We reserve the right to change/update part or these entire requirements at any time


  • ​We expect your cooperation in making us serve you better

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